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Due to unknown circumstances about the Corona Virus group activities at Lakeshore Gardens, the City of Carlsbad, Libraries, the Carlsbad Senior Center, Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation activities and more , are temporarily suspended.

LSG Residents Association Election.  See Newsbriefs  and vote before Nov. 1st.
Vote by Mail, or at bring your signed, sealed, and dated ballot envelope to  Drop-Off Locations at Carlsbad City Libraries Oct 6 - Nov 3.  Click here for locations.
Limited pool and Fitness Center use may be available by appointment only.  Please call the office at Lakeshore Gardens for details 760-438-4069.
County of San Diego Communications Office released this June 2, 2020 - What to Expect if you get a call from a COVID 19 Contact Tracer click here.
From City of Carlsbad City Manager, Scott Chadwick, "Please remember the basics – washing your hands, avoiding contact with people not in your household, covering your face when you go out – these are the everyday actions that have the greatest effect on your health and the health of our community.  THANK YOU!"
Live Entertainment online provided by Carlsbad City Library.  FREE!  Click here.
Priority Shopping Hours for Seniors:
Ralph's - 6:00 a.m. -7:30 am 
COSTCO - Tues, Thurs 8 am - 9 am
Click here for all local grocery store hours shared by the City of Carlsbad (subject to change - you may wish to call first.)
City of Carlsbad Corona Virus updates.  Click here.
How to sew a Face Mask from the NY Times 4/3/20  Click here.
Special Notice from Birtcher Anderson about Corona VirusClick here.
Digital BREEZE magazine click here.
Three organizations at Lakeshore Gardens.  Click here for details all new residents should know.
LSG Neighborhood Watch updated.  Please contact us and  keep your information current for a safer neighborhood.
Girlfriends Cruise to Cabo San Lucas in 2021.  See Newsbriefs for details.
Resident Suggestions now featured on LSG News Briefs.  If you have an idea you wish to share, please let us know. Click here to see Resident Suggestions.
Read a Poem by Richard WingClick here.  See the Breeze for more poems by authors Clifton King and Steve Lake.
See some of the art work created by Victoria Gobel Click here.
GSMOL updates - See LSG News Briefs.  Click here and scroll down.
Mobile Home Residency Law 
Upcoming Coastal Rail Closures  
For more information click here.
The New Digital Breeze & Calendar  is now on the website with calendar. Click here to see it in full color and select the issue you want.   (Any conflict in events schedules, please be guided by the website calendar and Upcoming Events, which is more current. Click here for new calendar with easier to read format.)
Social Activities
Social Activities  See LSG News Briefs for more information.

Upcoming Events - suspended until further notice
Lakeshore Garden's Joe Varone sings
Friday, August 21st to Friday, December 31st at Your own home
Listen to the fabulous voice of our own Joe Varone!  His daughter, Lois, helped put together these fabulous youtube videos.  Click on each link to hear and see him.
Girlfriends Matter IV Cruise to Cabo San Lucas
Saturday, February 6th to Thursday, February 11th at departure and return - Port of San Diego
This cruise will depart from The Port Of San Diego on Saturday February 6, 2021 on the Carnival Miracle, and will return on February 11th 2021. The ship will spend 2 full days in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. See LSG News Briefs for more details.